Living Orkney Competition (2018)

Each year Orkney Camera Club and Living Orkney magazine collaborate on a photographic portfolio competition. The photographers must put together a portfolio of ten images on an Orkney theme along with a brief introduction to their collection.

This years results were

1st Place - Ray Groundwater - Orkney Sky

2nd Place - Steve Henderson - Abandoned But Not Empty

3rd Place - Lorna Wilson - Orkney's Red Boxes

Best Individual shot was Gold Clouds or Waves by Ray Groundwater

Orkney Sky by Ray Groundwater

"I chose the theme as I love the Orkney sky! It can be so varied and in a short space of time. From amazing sunsets to strange clouds, I have tried to get some of the more interesting clouds, sunsets etc. Who said it's always grey and rainy in Orkney?.."

Abandoned but not Empty by Steve Henderson

"Many disused buildings are left in peace around Orkney and I love having access to these time capsules. Their history is relatively recent, but it still feels like archaeology - without all the tiresome digging! No one has lived on Swona since 1974, but it does not feel empty."

Orkney's Red Boxes by Lorna Wilson

"One of my first memories of the Orkney landscape was the incredible sight of a red phone box in a vista of green on the road south to Burwick. In the age of mobile phones I wanted to celebrate these rarely used red phone boxes before they are gone."

The Coastline of Orkney by Steve Sankey

"Orkney's coastline seems infinite, with ever-changing seascapes and skies. This gives the photographer many opportunities but also many accompanying difficulties! My agony is always colour or monochrome? I prefer black & white but most folk are more comfortable with colour. So I've chosen both, with subjects from around our islands."

A Great Day Out by Noel Donaldson

"My aim was to try to capture the flavour of the County Show as a great day out, not just for the farming fraternity, and feature some of the non-agricultural attraction and patrons."

The Orkney Shoreline by Sophie Blanchard

"I love being next to the water and Orkney has a lot to offer about this. When you are along the shore you just don't know what you can find and sometimes it doesn't take much to do a photo"

(No Images Titles were given)