Living Orkney Competition (2019)

Each year Orkney Camera Club and Living Orkney magazine collaborate on a photographic portfolio competition. The photographers must put together a portfolio of ten images on an Orkney theme along with a brief introduction to their collection.

This years results were

1st Place - Ingrid Budge - Orkney Reflected

2nd Place - Steve Henderson - Orkney's Farm Museums

3rd Place - Steve Sankey - Scapa Flow

4th Place - Ray Groundwater - What Was

Best Individual shot was Fisherman at Barrier #2 Pier by Steve Sankey

1st - Orkney Reflected by Ingrid Budge

I’ve chosen reflections as I’m often fascinated by the glimpses of an imaginary world that I see in water and glass. The old panes and rippled water add a surreal quality, combined with the layering of reflected images and it’s a more abstract interpretation of Orkney’s water and old buildings.

2nd - Orkney's Farm Museums by Steve Henderson

• School history lessons taught me that, to be interesting, you had to be high status, nasty and bossy. I developed little sense of life for ‘ordinary’ people through the ages. So, my interest drifted to what ‘real’ life was like for these millions of people doomed to anonymity.

• Kirbuster and Corrigal Farm Museums fit this bill nicely.

• This portfolio was also prompted by the recent threat to their existence.

3rd - Scapa Flow by Steve Sankey

Scapa Flow is world-famous and over-flowing with history and subjects. It’s also full of wildlife and modern industry and a fascinating place for a photographer. I’ve tried to capture a portfolio of the Flow that reflects all its moods and activities, human and otherwise.

4th - What Was by Ray Groundwater

I chose the theme: for one I wanted to try something different and secondly to try and get viewers not just to look at the photo but try and imagine what it would have been like at that point in history. How Orcadians lived and evolved through time.

Circles by Rod Richmond

Circles are recurrent shapes in Orkney – in nature, the heritage and the machinery by which we connect with and adapt to our islands.

Flying Over Orkney by Sheila Moodie

I was captivated by the inspiring views of the different geological and geographical features of the isles. What initially drew me to this theme was the contrasting light and colours in the sky, land, and water. The coastlines create a division and a bridge between land and water

Orkney Sunsets by Sophie Blanchard

I chose this theme as I love watching the sun go down and Orkney had some fascinating sunsets during this year so far. I am so grateful to be able to capture these moments and share some of them with you.

Orkney Vintage Display by Bert Baikie

A good day with ideal lighting conditions. I decided to get close in to these vintage machines and show some of the finer details, where many others stand back to take in the whole car/bike etc. It worked for me.

(No image titles were given)